Sex Crimes

Denman & Lerner Co., L.P.A., is a firm of skilled criminal defense attorneys who are experienced in representing clients who have been charged with crimes involving sexual conduct. We fully understand that being accused of a sex crime is especially difficult for you and your loved ones to deal with.

In addition to facing serious penalties if convicted, we know there are many stresses that are attendant to being charged with any crime. More than other types of crime, sexual assault charges have an immediate social stigma attached to them. We fight to defend these charges — and defend your reputation.

Protect Your Rights | Follow These Steps As Soon As Possible

If you are arrested or being investigated for any sex crime charges, it is essential that you protect yourself and do not self-incriminate during the process. The following steps can be helpful throughout the process until an attorney can step in to advise you:

  1. When the police investigate or arrest you, cooperate with them but remain silent.
  2. Preserve your constitutional rights to not self-incriminate by stating "I invoke my Miranda right to remain silent."
  3. Contact a trusted criminal defense lawyer at the first chance.
  4. Do not speak to family, friends or the media about your case.
  5. Cooperate with your attorney and be completely honest. Nothing you say to your lawyer can be repeated to police.

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We recognize and understand that even false and baseless accusations create negative business, social and family concerns. Our experience in representing clients charged with such conduct includes a component of sensitivity to these issues.

Our team will always represent you in a manner that incorporates all of the intangible pressures that such charges create. Our main office in Mentor and other offices throughout Ohio help us serve clients throughout the state.

Call for your free consultation or contact us 24/7 online — we will speak with you as soon as we possibly can.