Looking For Alternatives To Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy as a form of debt relief is a good choice for many debtors. It is a legal and often very efficient way to deal with unmanageable debt. It can help people get a fresh start when debts have become overwhelming.

However, many people first look for alternative debt relief solutions. If you are trying to avoid filing bankruptcy, our firm can help you explore other options. For example, if you have a home worth less than what you owe, there are several solutions available for you. We can negotiate a deed in lieu, a short sale or a loan modification.

Home Finance Solutions That May Help Your Situation

A deed in lieu is where you actually transfer your property to the bank in exchange for a forgiveness of the loan amount. This saves the bank the fees involved in foreclosing on your home and gets you free from a bad debt.

In a short sale, we negotiate with the mortgage holder to allow you to sell your home for less than the loan amount. It allows you to sell the property and make a little money when your home is clearly not sellable due to first and second mortgages that exceed the value of the home. The bank has an incentive to agree as they rarely receive anything close to the true value of a home at the sheriff's sale that occurs after a foreclosure.

A loan modification is where we attempt to reduce the amount of the mortgage on a home. Obviously, this is a great remedy for a homeowner whose mortgage exceeds a home's true value. There are programs and laws in place that make loan modifications possible, but most are based on need. It is difficult to arrange for a loan modification if the homeowner has income or resources to pay a mortgage, even if it is more than the home's market value.

Facing Judgments Or Creditors

If you have a judgment against you, we may be able to remove it if it is recent and you have a valid defense. Also, we can assist you in working out payment plans for your creditors or a structured settlement that are sometimes for amounts less than half of what you owe.

So, while bankruptcy is always an option, it is not your only one. If you would like to discuss bankruptcy or the alternatives to bankruptcy, please give us a call.

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