Resolving Estate Disputes

Estate disputes can sever familial relationships and disrupt people's lives. If you are involved in an inheritance dispute, you know all too well how fast one family member can be pitted against another family member. Denman & Lerner Co., L.P.A., provides the skilled legal services you require at this difficult time. We represent individuals from across the country in probate courts throughout Ohio.

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Issues Common To Estate Disputes

Our team has experience handling the probate of estates small to large. Whether you are dealing with thousands or millions of dollars in assets, you can feel confident turning to our probate law practice.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling disputes and have concluded that estate disputes often involve the following issues:

  • An individual believes the decedent's estate is being handled improperly or the will does not express the true intent of their loved one. In a will contest, the will is challenged on the basis that the decedent was under undue influence or was incompetent at the time the will was drafted.
  • An individual believes an elderly family member is being taken advantage of financially or was under undue influence at the time a will was drafted.
  • An individual is being accused of mishandling an estate either as an administrator, executor or trustee.
  • An individual is being accused of trustee misconduct, perhaps through suspicion of misappropriation of funds or placing the individual under undue influence.

These situations frequently involve family members — siblings, children and grandchildren, for example. As estate planning lawyers, we know how properly drafted estate plans are developed. We use our comprehensive knowledge of estate planning directives and our strong negotiating skills to obtain success for our clients.

If you are involved in an estate dispute, you do have rights. However, you must act immediately to ensure your rights are protected.

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