Making Successful Insurance Claims for Fire And Theft Losses

If your home has been damaged or destroyed due to fire, an insurance company may be reluctant to pay your claim. Insurance companies regard such losses with suspicion and often look to point the finger of blame at the owner. If they have a reason to believe the owner is responsible for the fire, they can and will try to deny the claim

The insurance company will often ask you to make a recorded statement. They will review any police reports and statements, and finally they will require you to take an examination under oath. You do not want to go to this examination without an attorney.

This is a statement taken by an insurance company attorney before a court reporter. They will ask you about your financial affairs and any information relating to the claim to determine if there is a basis to deny paying the claim.

As you can imagine, when there is the possibility of different statements to review (the initial recorded statement, the police statement and the examination under oath), there is a high possibility of some inconsistencies. Any inconsistencies found can be used against you to deny your claim.

Your home is one of your most valued assets. If it is destroyed you need the coverage you bought and paid for from your insurance company. At Denman & Lerner Co., L.P.A., a knowledgeable lawyer can help you with your claim and make sure you get the benefits to which you are entitled. This includes the money to replace your home as well as your furniture and other belongings that were destroyed.

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