We Take Accidental Dog Bites Seriously

Many people who get bitten by a dog don't know what to do next. If the bite is serious enough, they may go to the doctor, but they don't know how to recover the costs. There are some important steps to take after suffering a dog bite. Talk to a personal injury trial lawyer at Denman & Lerner Co., L.P.A., right away.

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Our Cleveland dog bite attorneys handle all dog bite injury claims on a contingency basis. If we can't help you recover money for medical bills, lost earnings and pain, you won't pay attorney's fees. We have law offices in Mentor, Mayfield Heights, Cleveland, Twinsburg, Russell,Independence and Westlake.

What To Do If The Dog Is Owned By A Friend Or Family Member

Many people are bitten by pets owned by their friends or extended family. Filing a lawsuit may be awkward. After seeking medical treatment, talk to the pet owner about homeowners' insurance. Often, a settlement can be reached through the insurance company, without causing serious financial harm to the pet owner. That's why people carry insurance.

In the event the pet owner does not carry insurance, do not try to settle the matter on your own. We have experience handling sensitive settlement negotiations. We will work to recover the money you are entitled to, always remaining sensitive to your personal relationship.

What To Do if You Are Bitten By A Strange Dog

Immediately get the pet owner's personal information, including name, address and phone number. If your injuries allow, take some time to gather contact information from any eyewitness present.

Even if the dog bite does not seem serious, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Dog bites often lead to serious infections, scars and soft tissue damage.

Do not let the dog owner try to negotiate a settlement with you. An experienced lawyer will know what the legal issues are and will help you recover maximum money damages for injuries and treatment that may end up more extensive than you originally thought.

When seeking medical treatment, make sure your doctor accurately records everything and follows the prescribed treatment to the letter. Everything you do to take care of yourself will be important to the outcome of your case.

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Contact our animal attack lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your next course of action to recover the money damages to which you are entitled. We will begin collecting important medical records and investigating the case immediately. We handle everything.