Fast Help For Your Landlord-Tenant Issues

Disputes between landlords and tenants often have to do with misunderstandings or disagreements about who is responsible for what.

Tenants may legitimately complain when landlords:

  • Do not keep property in good, livable condition
  • Allow property to become dirty and unsanitary
  • Do not follow codes and regulations designed to protect residents' safety
  • Do not provide basic services such as running water and heat
  • Do not properly handle trash removal
  • Enter tenants' units without giving 24 hours' notice (emergencies exempted)
  • Fail to evict neighbors who are engaging in drug activity, as reported by law enforcement agencies

Landlords, on the other hand, complain when tenants:

  • Do not pay rent on time (or within a reasonable stated grace period, or by agreement to pay later in special circumstances)
  • Damage the premises
  • Keep properties messy, dirty and unsanitary
  • Misuse electrical services or appliances, and/or plumbing fixtures
  • Disregard safety rules, codes and laws, including drug manufacture, use and distribution prohibitions
  • Disturb neighbors unreasonably
  • Bar landlords from entering with proper notice
  • Violate drugs laws

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