Many people living in Ohio keep dogs as pets or for service purposes. It is rare for a dog to become aggressive and bite someone, but it does happen. Unfortunately, dog bites can at times be very severe and complex injuries, requiring immediate treatment, and often, professional medical care.

 What to watch out for with a dog bite

 The Cleveland Clinic states that anyone who is bitten by a dog should see a doctor within eight hours, due to the high risk of infection. Often a bite wound involves jagged or torn flesh, which may require assistance to heal properly.

 Treating the bite

 WebMD provides some basic steps for treatinga dog bite before going to the doctor. The first thing to do when bitten by a dog is to wash the injury out as thoroughly as possible with soap and water.

 It is important to stop bleeding if the wound is deep, which can be done by applying pressure with a clean towel. Elevating the injured area above the heart can also help slow bleeding.

 When dressing the wound, a sterile bandage should be applied over antibiotic ointment. To avoid an infection, the best practice is to change the bandage daily.

 Additional tips

 If able to talk to the owner of the dog, a bite victim should verify if the dog has received all of its vaccinations. If rabies is a possibility, treatment must begin right away. In case of serious infection, a doctor may prescribe a regimen of antibiotics.