Losing a loved one is never easy, but when it happens because of the negligence of someone else, it is very difficult to handle. Knowing that if someone else would have made a better decision or cared about other people more that your loved one would still be alive is very hard to accept. Ohio law recognizes that when someone causes the death of another person, it should not go unpunished. While the criminal court typically handles punishment, the civil court gives you a chance to hold the guilty party responsible, too.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, if you file a wrongful death case and the judge finds in your favor, you may be able to recover financial compensation. Most often, you will get money to cover related medical expenses and funeral expenses. You may also get money for loss of income if the person was contributed significantly to your household finances.

The court may also award you money for the anguish and emotional toll of the loss of this person. On top of that, you may get damages for losing your life partner or for losing the other parent of your children who now can no longer help you raise them. Essentially, any loss you felt due to this person’s death has damages the court may tie to it and give a monetary

While nothing will bring back your loved one or take away the pain of his or her death, getting damages in a wrongful death case can at least help make up for the financial issues that were a side effect of the situation. It also holds the person responsible for what he or she did and allows you to make sure that person understands the impact his or her actions had. This information is for education and is not legal advice.